All, promoters of the Rosary!

It has been a long time since an editorial was placed on our site… Had the promoter gone to sleep? Certainly not. But, as is the case everywhere, days have only 24 hours, and, despite a slightly less hectic rhythm, wait until July to again get in touch with you!

The site Rosarium has existed for a little over two years. It is not much, but still, it is possible to assess the journey so far, especially since last June we passed the 50,000 individual visits since the launch!

You know well this site which is updated daily, offers a large variety of contributions in 35 languages. One of our collaborators has compared the functioning of the site to the ascension of a mountain climber: to reach the summit, there is no need to run. It is enough to climb at one’s own rhythm, a little at a time. In the course of the weeks we gather height, the scenery offered to us is beautiful!

We are conscious that more is required… but at the same time, we say that this is indeed the Rosary: a daily faithfulness, a simple rendezvous

For our part, we are pleased to note the increased number of visitors. For the first time this July we will pass 5,000 (6,000?) individual visitors.

How to explain this increase? Obviously, Rosarium fulfills a need, an expectation. Certainly there is still much work to be done by the Promoter, but also by each of us. After all, we are all promoters of the Rosary and of this site!

So, if you like this site, make it known!

The more a site is visited, the more it is linked to others. In order not to forget to connect daily, simply place the Rosarium homepage on your start page… and so, without effort you will keep the daily rendez-vous with the Rosary.

And why not give the address of the site to your friends? How will they know this site is you don’t speak about it? Mention it on your blog, on your social network page… and devotion to the Holy Rosary will increase!

Let us all become promoters of the Rosary and let us pray for each other!

And once again, thank you for your support and fidelity

Fr. Louis-Marie ARIÑO-DURAND, o.p.

General Promoter of the Rosary