They have ended the days of the Passion” have we heard at the Pascal Vigil. Now is the time of the Resurrection. I wish those weeks to be luminous and glorious for you!

They have ended the days of the Passion” and we can only rejoice: Life has vanquished death, Christ descended in our darkness to make his Light shine there.

They have ended the days of the PassionAlleluia!

It must be said that we have good reasons to rejoice: the internet site of the Rosary of the Dominican order, Rosarium , has just crossed briskly and joyfully the 500,000 visitor mark since its creation! A few days ago, a 62nd language made its appearance on line: Ukrainian!

You are increasingly more numerous to visit us: during March, we nearly reached 16,000 visitors... or over 515 individual visitors per day!
Thank you for this beautiful faithfulness which encourages us to continue our mission. In fact, you will discover, at the latest in September, a new site, more practical and more beautiful, so that devotion to the holy Rosary may always be more and better known!

And also, things are falling into place for the Jubilee of the Order

In a few weeks you will find, on line, a detailed presentation of the Pilgrim Rosary that the General Promotion of the Rosary proposes in link with all the monasteries of Dominican nuns in the world. Since the beginning of the Jubilee - November 7, 2015 - until its closure - January 21, 2017 - this Rosary will travel around the world and we will be invited to pray together!

The first rendezvous that we have fixed is for 30th June 2015: on that day, the detailed calendar of activities in link with the rosary will be put on line!

How not to rejoice as of now?
Rosary beads in hand, of course!

Good Pascal time to one and all!

Fr. Louis-Marie ARIÑO-DURAND, o.p.

General Promoter of the Rosary