The Annunciation, the key factor that bonds all women with Mary

Editorial - October 2013 - N°380

Monthly Prayer Leaflet for the Rosary Teams

Our theme for the year:
“Great is the mystery of faith”

The announcement of the angel to the Virgin Mary became the key factor in the history of our salvation. As a matter of fact, the birth of Christ did not occur at the wave of a magic wand, even though so many divine signs and inexplicable miracles accompanied this birth.

Likewise, the sanctuaries of Guadalupe, Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje, Melen, Yagma, where the Virgin Mary has appeared, are shrouded in a mystery that our obtuse and over-analytic Cartesian mind cannot very well assimilate. And yet, the major purpose of Mary's apparitions is to promote peace. It is the essence of whatever Mary says or does. That's why Mary tells us about the prerequisites(conditions) for achieving peace.

In all icons and images, Marie is always shown in garments of all shades of red and of blue. The colour red stands for the unifying thread that binds all women with Marie who is the stem and incarnation of womanhood. Blue represents pain, unhappiness and death.

The common theme for all Rosary teams this year is:"The mystery of Faith is an extraordinary one."In this month which is consecrated to Our Lady of the Rosary, let us pray in union with the sick and the pilgrims who are heading towards Lourdes, in France, so as to seek inner healing.

Marie-France SEILLIER

International Coordinator

Editorial of November 2013

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