Apostles of the Rosary

Many of us will take some time to rest this summer. This will likely be an occasion for new meetings and profound exchanges, far from the stress of our everyday lives. For some this might also be a chance to take some time for retreat, far from the noise and restlessness that we experience throughout the year; a little calm and silence in order to reconnect with the Lord. . .

But perhaps it is not possible for us to isolate ourselves in a convent or monastery. . .

Yet, in order to balance our spiritual life, it is necessary to know how to enter the inner chamber of our hearts, to be silent, and to find a place for encounter.

This site is one of those places where the soul is able to find such rest with Mary, the mother of our lord. It is a place where she takes the road with us, to the rhythm of the meditations of the rosary, in the heart of homilies and spiritual writings. . .

It is a place that we love.
So why not share it with others by becoming an Apostle of the Rosary this summer?

Oh, it would be very easy: pass on the address of this site to at least ten people whom you know. . .
that Jesus may always be better known through Mary.

Apostles of the Rosary . . . during the summer.
Apostles of the Rosary . . . in the heart of Mary.

Fr. Louis-Marie ARIÑO-DURAND, o.p.
General Promoter of the Rosary