Bethleem, the land of birth

Editorial - December 2017 - Nº 426

Theme of the year 2017-2018:
The joy of salvation

At this time of Christmas, our eyes turn to Bethlehem. In this village of Palestine, the newborn child is Emmanuel, meaning "God with us". The coming of Jesus to Bethlehem touches all human hearts. We are called to change, to live in deep union with Jesus Christ so as to be born again with him. Bethlehem is also a land of birth for all of us.

"There is an atmosphere of jubilation in the Bethlehem scene, where the birth of the Divine Child, the Savior of the world, is sung by the angels and foretold to the shepherds just as a great joy. We cannot contemplate the mystery of the Born Child in Bethlehem, without experiencing the desire to welcome, defend and promote life, taking care of the sufferings of children from all parts of the world." (St. John Paul II)

Dear members of the Rosary teams, on this feast of the Nativity, let us pray to the Lord, through Mary, for all the children of the world. If children are the future of humanity, in Jesus Christ, through Him and with Him, they are the future of the Kingdom of God on our earth.

The whole international team wishes you a happy and holy Christmas. May each one have the grace of receiving in his heart the infinite love of God, peace and joy, which are the gifts ceaselessly offered by the Child of Bethlehem, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Chantal Courtin
International Coordinator

Équipes du Rosaire International
1, Impasse Lacordaire
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