Meeting with... Michelle Bermudez

Michelle, you are 28 years old and come from California. Can you tell us about your devotion to the Rosary?
When I reflect on the rosary, the words of St. Francis come to mind "preach always and if necessary use words". As a hairdresser, I constantly converse with clients about various topics. However, our manager recommended that I not discuss "controversial topics" like religion. But despite the obstacle, Our Lady has helped me to help others by the example of St. Francis.

The life of a co-worker, Elena, the housekeeper of the salon, has been transformed by the simple presence of a Rosary.

Elena was an immigrant from Mexico. Her parents raised her in the faith and she received all of the sacraments, though over time she fell away from the Church. She left her family, home and job behind. She traveled to California for a better future.

After several years, Elena missed her family so much that she returned to Mexico at the risk of not being able to return. However, she was determined to come back to the United States.

Unfortunately, the border is extremely dangerous and her journey across the desert would be rough. They herded her and others like animals and stuffed them in a truck like sardines. It was pitch black.

While she laid on the ground, she suddenly felt a man's face on her stomach. His hands started to move. Elena was petrified even terrified. He found her hand and in it he placed a rosary. At that moment, Elena knew that Jesus and Our Lady would lead and guide her every step of the way.

After Elena shared her story, I realized that what I wear affects everyone. So, while I work in a fast-pace and secular work environment, I simply carry a rosary or wear a rosary bracelet which allows me to gently evangelize and love each person.

To carry a rosary is like a drop of water falling into a body of water. Every ripple from that minute drop touches and affects everything.