Blessing of Beads

While you may ask a priest to give this blessing to your beads, you may also use it yourself at any time, as it highlights some significant elements in the Rosary.

God, Our Father, may the circle of these beads
be a sign of our coming together in the Body of Christ:
make us one in the circle of your love.

May the crucifix be a reminder of Jesus,
praying in the midst of us,
and presenting his glorious wounds,
on our behalf, before your face.
In union with him we cry: Father. . .

In union with Mary,
who treasured all these things in her heart
may we listen to the good news that the Lord is with us ,
and that like her, we too may bring forth Jesus,
in the power of the Spirit,
as the fruit of our life, our love and our labour.

Heal the sick who touch these beads in faith,
and may power go out from the Gospel mysteries
which we contemplate and celebrate,
to transform us, and make us strong with all the strength
which comes from the glorious power of Jesus, the Divine Humanity.

Father, bless. . . (me) and all for whom prayers
are offered on these beads,
in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.