The calendar of the Pilgrim Rosary

The calendar of the Pilgrim Rosary of the Jubilee is now online. You can download it by clicking on the file below:


In this document, you will find the following elements:
The two days given to each monatery for the Pilgrim Rosary. The colors represent the different continents (blue for Europe, red for America, yellow for Asia and green for Africa).
Logically, the first monastery is Prouilhe. The last one, because of the Jubilee in 2017, is the one of Fatima.
Each month, one day, in green, is dedicated to a particular intention that links liturgy and apostolates.
All the dates are given in the first column of the first page. Here are the dates and the intention dedicated to them:
07-Nov - Opening of the Jubilee - Prayer for entrusting the Jubilee
22-Dec - Anniversary of the approval of the Order - Prayer for Vocations in the Order
17-Jan - The Flight to Egypt - Prayer for migrants and refugees
11-Feb - World Day of the Sick - Prayer for the sick and those who care for them
19-Mar - Lent - "Free the captives" - Prayer for prisoners
03-April - Sunday of Mercy - Prayer for people at the end of their life
08-May - Our Lady, patroness of the Order - Prayer for the suffering members of the Order
08-Jun - Bl. Diana and Cecilia - Prayer for the nuns of the Order
04-Jul - Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati - Prayer for World Youth Day in Krakow
22-Aug - Mary, queen of the universe - Prayer with other Orders
12-Sept - The Holy Name of Mary - Prayer for teachers and students
07-Oct - Our Lady of the Rosary - Prayer for Peace
20-Nov - Christ the King - Prayer for leaders and superiors
12-Dec - Our Lady of Guadalupe - Prayer for unborn children and families
21-Jan - Closure of the Jubilee - Prayer in thanksgiving for the Jubilee
18 days remained at the end of the Jubilee. We will use them to pray a novena in preparation for the Jubilee of Fatima!
I wish you a beautiful Jubilee... with the Rosary!


Fr. Louis-Marie ARIÑO-DURAND, o.p.
General Promoter of the Rosary