Come, Holy Spirit!

Editorial - June 2017 - Nº 421

Theme of the year 2016-2017:
"Blessed are the merciful" (Mt 5:7)

Once again, the feast of Pentecost comes to close our Paschal Time. The disciples receive the Spirit and leave the Cenacle. They move from a passive state to an active one. While at first, they fearfully, hid themselves in their well-closed upper room, now they open wide the doors and reach out to the others who suddenly understand, beyond the barrier of tongues, the announcement made to them.

The disciples allowed themselves to be seized by the Spirit, and let Him do His work in them by inviting Him into their hearts. Then their mouth and their door could open wide. They can do nothing other than proclaim the wonders of God: they tell about the gift of the life of Christ for the salvation of each of us, and they speak about the opening of a path of reconciliation for everyone.

Do not our Rosary Teams sometimes resemble the Cenacle as it was before the arrival of the Spirit! We keep to ourselves, or stay in our houses, and we are always with the same members of our group. There is no question of opening to strangers. we are so well together! But then, we forget that we are supposed to be missionaries.

This is Pentecost! Let us open the doors of our hearts so that the Holy Spirit may take up his place. If he finds Mary there, he will come in, and will seize us with a great love for Christ. We cannot keep this love to ourselves: but must pass it on to others.

This is Pentecost! Let us open the doors of our house to welcome the neighbour sent by the Lord. Let the Spirit drive away our fears and our apprehensions and then we will be able to make room for new comers! We have to do our best so as not to extinguish the fire of the Spirit!

This is Pentecost! Let us open our eyes wide and learn how to see the wonders of the Lord and give thanks at all times. Jesus teaches us to have a look of love on those around us. And if we really do so... our world would undoubtedly be transformed.

May our lives become a daily Pentecost!
Come, Holy Spirit!
Transfigure our lives!

Fr. Louis-Marie Ariño-Durand, OP
International Chaplain of the Rosary Teams

Editorial - July-August 2017 - Nº 422

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