The Cross along the way

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Auckland, New Zealand
8 July 2008

The cards for the General Promotion of the Rosary have been distributed by tens of thousands. On the front they show a photograph taken by Brother Louis-Marie Ariño-Durand, OP, and can be used as a simple and evocative sermon. Be they large or small, they are all the same overleaf: you will find the site’s slogan in the three official languages of the Dominican Order, “Pray, preach, live… the Rosary!”

This photo was taken at the entrance to Saint Patrick’s cathedral in Auckland, New Zealand. The sunlight shining through the glass doors of the religious building created a cross of light on the floor.

We find the cross on our path. We don’t have to look for it. It finds us itself. One of my grand-mothers used to say we are on earth to suffer and she was wrong. We are on this earth for joy. To live joyfully and to spread joy... but the cross, one day or another, will be part of our life.

Our Lord passed via the cross. The servant is not more important than his master, so we too will pass via it. But don’t forget that this cross is a cross of light. In the photograph it even has the colours of the rainbow. This arc which appears after the rain is, in the Bible, the sign of the alliance between God and humanity.

So the alliance of man with God passes via the Cross.
A cross of light.

All our rosaries have a cross. And when we start saying the Rosary we make a sign of the cross.

It’s the sign that Bernadette tries to make when she is surprised by the first apparition of the Lady: "I put my hand in my pocket; I found my rosary there. I wanted to make the sign of the cross; I couldn’t bring my hand to my forehead; it just fell down. The vision made the sign of the cross. Then my hand trembled; I tried to make it and I could."

It is the sign of the cross that gives Bernadette peace and in a way re-establishes communication with the Virgin. It is by repeating the gestures made by Mary that Bernadette enters into a relationship with her.

We must never forget the force of the sign of the cross.

Let’s learn or re-learn how to make this sign, how to wear Christ’s cross, since we inscribe it on our body.

The cross of light then becomes the garment of light of the Christian!


Fr. Louis-Marie ARIÑO-DURAND, o.p.
General Promoter of the Rosary