The Nativity - Loneliness, homeless and judgement

Giving birth can be a lonely experience for some, but especially for those who may not be in a supportive relationship.

Mary had Joseph and he took care of things; when we are vulnerable we all need someone to take care of things for us; unfortunately, not everyone has that someone in times of need or stress. Joseph knocked every door to find somewhere for Mary to give birth to baby Jesus.

He took full control of the situation. Mary could rely on him. She had a good man to give her support and to make things as comfortable as possible. God chose Joseph well – He knew His Son would be safe in Joseph’s care.

We pray to St. Joseph, foster father and guardian of Jesus Son of God, that he may guide all fathers to treat their children well.

May he pray for all fathers that they may have insight into their children’s fears and joys; may they be close enough to their children that they can laugh and cry together; and may they recognise in their children their unique gift that sets them apart and makes them special.

May he encourage fathers to help their children to develop their gifts and use them always for the benefit of others.

May all fathers let their children know that they are loved.