Rosary apostolate in Romania

It is very rare that Slovak Dominicans working in Rosary apostolate leave borders of their country. And like it is said, there is no rule without exception, so it was in our case. Three of the brothers, members of community in Košice, namely fr. Melichar, fr. Alan and fr. Jozef spent last october days (28-31.10) in Oneşti (Romania) relatively close to Moldovan borders. In Oneşti, small town with population about 40 000, is situated the largest Romanian Convent of Capuchins friars with Church dedicated to blessed Jeremiah of Walachia, but still not yet completed. Our visit of these brothers was related with Rosary apostolate.

Dominican friars are not present in Romania for several decades. Even though there exist a lot of “Rosary Brotherhoods” in so many parishes. But their activities are not coordinated by promoter of the Rosary like it is in Slovakia or other countries. Therefore general Promoter the Rosary, brother Louis-Marie Ariño-Durand OP, delegated Slovak promoter brother Melichar Matis OP to entrust the care of Rosary apostolate and the Rosary fraternities in Romania to the hands of local Capuchins.

Shortly after the signing of the appointment: brothers Melichar Matis OP and Maricel Maxim OFMCap

During the Mass celebrated by local auxiliary Bishop Aurel Percǎ, brothers Melichar OP and Maricel Maxim OFMCap signed a cooperation agreement and entrustment of the Rosary apostolate to Capuchin friars in Romania. Brother Maricel became at the same time Promoter of the rosary in this area. This solemn moment was also extraordinary because of the fact that the signing of the agreement took place at exactly 33 anniversary of the beatification of Italian Capuchin Jeremiah of Walachia, who himself was known for a great devotion to Mary and his relics are saved in the local church.

Thereafter brother Melichar was invited to live broadcast of Catholic Radio Maria. He presented the audience the history of the Rosary apostolate as well as his work as a Promoter in Slovakia.

Live broadcast in the studio of the Maria radio

On the last weekend in October began for the Capuchin Friars a long but beautiful journey of the Rosary apostolate in Romania. It is very important to not leave them on the road alone, but to accompany them with our prayers. After all, it would be a wonderful witness of unity, if Slovak Rosary brotherhoods or brotherhoods in all over the world remembered in prayers those of Romania. Prayer does not recognize borders.

A photography after the sunday holy mass