Dealing with recession and depression

All over the world these days, the TV and radio are beating out a continuous story about the financial crisis that is upon us. The more we listen to the torrent of depressive words that are rolling over us, like a tsunami the more we need to find a way of rising above the waves of doom and gloom.

This is where the daily dose of meditation such as the Rosary provides can come to our aid. The time set aside to ponder enter the wonderland of the Rosary seems to roll back the waters of darkness and depression. One ceases to let the tide of distress take over. We find ourselves at ease as we discover the inner land where Jesus and Mary live and all things are well. Miracles of healing and well-being are there for the asking.

I am reminded of the miracle that the Lord worked for the Israelites as the might forces of Pharo and the Egyptians was bearing down on them. With the burning sands of the desert behind them and the terror of the Red Sea ahead, the Lord opened a way through for them. Moses lifted up his rod, and with the might of the Lord on his side, made the waters pile up to provide a solid dry ground, so that the people could pass safely through on to the Land that flowed with wine and milk and honey.

That journey to the physical land is a symbol of the pilgrim soul moving in meditation to the inner land of the heart. There exists an inner space where amid the desert of desolation one may find security and serenity. The peace and the stability generated in those sacred times, radiate to the rest of the day.

The fragrance of those precious moments permeates our being, and brings all our ways to a creativity, and a consummation beyond our dreaming. We learn to live, no longer out of our own meagre resource, but out of the infinite supply of the heavenly Father. We rest in those words of Jesus, that the Father who feeds the birds of the air and clothes the lilies of the field is constantly looking after us.