Dominican Jubilee and Palestinian Rosaries

2008 Year of the Rosary: Dominican Jubilee and Palestinian Rosaries

The lives of Palestinians, especially Christians, in the Bethlehem and Jerusalem areas are severely disrupted. They are kept prisoners in their homes or villages. They are unable to work and provide the basic necessities of life for their families. These daily events are not only destroying lives and property and hope, but they are crippling "human hearts and their capacity to love." It is essential that the world recognize the plight of both peoples caught up in this conflict, but the need is far greater among Palestinians, and especially Palestinian Christians. Truly, they are among the most neglected. They represent less than 5% of the population of the Holy Land

During the Dominican Jubilee 2008 we can send a message of solidarity and hope. Some families in the Bethlehem and Jerusalem areas make olive wood rosaries for sale. We can help them sell their work. We ask for a donation of € 2 (two Euro) or $2 (two dollars) for every rosary ordered. This covers the cost of making and mailing the beads. All the money donated will go directly to the rosary makers, who are all friends of the Dominicans there.

The Dominican Family circulated approximately 250,000 rosaries around the world.
This Rosary Project continues and hopes to expand through your support. Can you think of ways to spread this worthy project among your friends and be a source of solidarity for our Palestinian Christian sisters and brothers?

For further information and orders please contact: DSI - Dominican Sisters International ( and visit the page (Justice and Peace section)