Editorial - September 2010 - N°346

Monthly Prayer Leaflet for the Rosary Teams

No.346 - September 2010

Our theme for the year:
“I saw a huge crowd”

Here then is our new theme: “I saw a huge crowd”

It is the vision of the witness John, the disciple that Jesus loved, described in the “Apocalypse”, which means “Revelation”, the last book of the Bible.

“Revelation” is not the end of a secret or the prediction of the future, it is a gift from God, a Word from God which says the Today’s Love that God is and has been from all eternity in the history of mankind.

And John sees the Church like a huge crowd which marches towards the Kingdom of God.

The theme of this year causes us to discover the Universal Catholic Church, gathering all races, all peoples, all ages.

The Council Vatican II defines it luminously as “The people of God, the Body of Christ, Temple of the Holy Spirit”.

And we give thanks through the Church to the Father who created us, to the Christ who saved us, to the Spirit who remains with us.

“I saw a huge crowd” makes us “see” the Church as seen by the Trinity of Love: Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Right from the first month, St. Paul “calls us to unity in the Spirit through the link of Peace”. Indeed, it is with the Spirit that we will bring the Peace of Christ and it is within the Church that we give thanks to God because he is Love!

Contemplate our God who watches the huge crowd of the Rosary Teams from the whole world! They want to live the Gospel with Mary. They walk towards the Kingdom, to encounter God, blown by the wind of the Spirit. There, on the way, we meet all our Christian brothers and sisters in thanksgiving and we bring the Peace of Christ to our brothers and sisters of all races, of all countries and of all religions.

Let us invite them to join this huge crowd of the baptized for their greatest joy!

Fr. Gilles DANROC o.p.
International Chaplain of the Rosary Teams

Editorial of October 2010

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