Biblical Rosary: together with the Virgin Mary during the entire week

Monday - Family Life - Mary, Mother of God

1. ¡Abba, Father!
The characteristic, intimate prayer of Jesus with his Father.
Pray to be able to abandon oneself to God’s loving plan

2. Marriage
The espousal and marriage of Mary and Joseph, or the wed-ding at Cana.
Pray that married couples experience the love of Christ in their conjugal life

3. The birth of Jesus
The incarnation of the Son of God; the gift of children.
We pray for expectant mothers (and fathers) and all children

4. Jesus found in the Temple
The initiative of the adolescent Jesus anticipates his messianic mission.
Pray for youths who are discerning their vocation

5. The “family” of Jesus
The true brothers, sisters and mother of Jesus
We pray that families be open to the universal mission of their members.


Tuesday - The Hidden Life -The Virgin of Nazareth

1. Daily blessings
Jewish piety gave thanks for God’s daily blessings
Let us too give thanks for all the signs of his love in our lives.

2. Daily work
Jesus labored in his workshop and served the people of his village.
We pray for those who work in harsh conditions

3. Daily contacts
Jesus shared with his village in births, weddings, burials, children’s games and adults’ banter…
We pray to discover God in our social contacts.

4. Jesus’ baptism by John
Jesus experienced the sun of God’s good pleasure upon his person.
We pray to have this same transforming experience.

5. Temptations in the desert
Jesus is led to the desert where he is tempted and fortified:
We pray for those who prepare for an evangelizing mission.


Wednesday - The Public Ministry - Keeper of the Word

1. Solitary prayer at night
Jesus withdrew to pray alone to his Father in deserted places;
Let us seek solitary moments to be with God

2. Reading the Word
Jesus attentively heard and retained the Scripture readings;
Let us pray for hunger and thirst for the Word of God

3. Preaching in parables
Jesus announced the Kingdom in simple, everyday language;
May today’s preachers know how to preach with both simplicity and profundity

4. Ministerial itinerancy
Jesus encountered many people on his journeys;
We pray for travelers, for the displaced and refugees.

5. Expulsion of evil spirits
Jesus expelled demons as a sign of the Kingdom’s victory;
We ask for strength for those who confront the power of evil


Thursday - Priestly Ministry - Coredemptrix

1. Liturgical prayer
Jesus participated in the prayer of the Temple & synagogue;
Let us pray with the Church in the various liturgical prayers.

2. “Table fellowship”
Jesus sought out sinners as a doctor seeks out the sick;
Pray that priests will seek out those estranged from the Church.

3. The forgiveness of sins
Jesus forgave peoples’ sins and thus reconciled them to God;
We pray for priests’ dedication to their ministry of reconciliation and for many conversions.

4. Healing of the sick
The Lord cured every type of illness and infirmity;
We pray for those who minister to the sick, esp. healing ministries.

5. The Body and the Blood
In the Eucharist, Jesus anticipated his sacrifice on the Cross;
Let us pray for the Eucharistic ministry of priests…


Friday - The Passion - The Sorrowful Mother

1. The Agony in the Garden
Jesus prayed with anguish to him “who could save him from death”;
We commend to God those who face personal crises

2. The Savior is arrested
Jesus is arrested and jailed “as a criminal” without being such;
We pray for the imprisoned, the kidnapped and the ‘disappeared’

3. The Judge’s sham trial
Jesus is falsely accused and sentenced against all canons of justice;
We pray for all those unjustly accused and convicted.

4. God made man is tortured
Jesus is mocked, abused, and horrendously tortured to death;
We pray for all the tortured, abused, and victims of violence.

5. Jesus’ death on the Cross
When “everything is finished” Jesus gives up his Spirit;
We commend all those facing death, all who will die in these days.


Saturday - Lordship of Jesus - Mary Assumed into Heaven

1. The Transfiguration
Jesus becomes resplendent as he prays on the mountaintop;
Let us ask that our prayer too may be transformative.

2. The Lord of Creation
Jesus multiplies or changes the elements, dominates sea, wind;
We pray for an appreciation and respect of God’s creation

3. Lord of the Sabbath (Law)
Jesus cured on the Sabbath, revealing his divine authority;
We pray that we may respect Sunday as “the Lord’s day

4. The Lord of Life
Jesus raised the dead as a fore-taste of his own Resurrection;
We pray for the dead, that they may share the glory of Christ

5. The Resurrection
Jesus rose from the dead to give us new and eternal life;
May we have a vivid faith in the power of the Risen Lord


Sunday - The Church - Mary, Mother of the Church

1. Heavenly intercession
Jesus now “lives forever, to intercede for us”;
Let us pray for the intentions of our colleagues, friends and relatives.

2. The call of the disciples
Jesus call all those he wishes to follow him more closely;
Let us pray for the varied vocations to ecclesial service

3. Election of the Twelve
He chooses the apostles and gives them authority to preach and heal;
Pray for our bishops in their pastoral ministry

4. Peter, rock of the Church
Jesus confirms the vocation of Peter as pastor of the Church;
We pray for the pope in his awesome pastoral task

5. The coming of the Spirit
Pentecost, beginning of the Church and of evangelization;
We pray for the renewal of the Church and of each Christian.

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