Fr. Gabriel Harty OP - Heaven Sent

Father Gabriel Harty OP has spent his life as a preacher of the Rosary. At ninety years of age, he has written Heaven Sent to show how the Rosary is not only a contemplative prayer but a means too of proclaiming Scripture.

Father Gabriel also shows how the term “Rosary” is not confined to Roman Catholicism, and how its method of meditation has certain aspects common to many faiths. And unlike many other forms of meditation, the Rosary is not just self-centered or creation-orientated, but rather Christo-centric and heaven-orientated.

Father Gabriel shares the story of his life in relation to the Rosary, the cultivation of his devotion to it, and the healing and grace it holds for all who partake in it.

Heaven Sent has been published in 2012 by Veritas Publications (Dublin - Ireland)