Meeting with... Jeevan and Maria

Jeevan and Maria, you're a married couple from India. Can you tell us about your experience of the rosary?

Jeevan : I used to always have recourse to the protection of our dear Mother and as desired by her, the Rosary, was said daily.

Once, way back in 1994, I had organized a picnic to a beach on a Sunday. The fulfillment of the third commandment was to go for Sunday Mass. The new changes permitted the fulfillment of the obligation to be done on a Saturday. But Maria (my wife) insisted me to attend Sunday Mass prior to the picnic, which I did.

At the picnic, I picked up the items carried for the picnic from the bus and headed towards my friends who were playing games. Engrossed in the games, my friends did not notice an incoming car that was heading towards me. I, too, did not notice it as my back was to it. The driver, probably under the influence of alcohol failed to alert me by blowing the horn, thus hitting me in the back. I fell on the ground with the cry, “Mother Mary-help!” The driver in a seemingly, 'don’t care' attitude continued to drive the car over my legs. The people there thought that this was the last of me, when, miracle of miracles, I stood up with some bruises on my legs and hands and a back pain. I was helped by the choir master to be admitted in hospital. The picnic crowd witnessed this accident and praised the Lord. I completely recovered after few days.

Maria : During one of my pregnancies, I had an intake of medicine containing steroids recommended by a skin specialist for my skin problem.

When I went to the Gynecologist, she advised me to abort the child as there was a possibility of the child being deformed.

Jeevan and I placed our trust in Jesus and Mary through the recitation of the Rosary. We refused the choice of abortion and opted for the risk of delivery no matter what the result would be. Through Mother Mary’s intercession the child was born normal and healthy that too on Good Friday.