The General Promoter of the Rosary in Slovakia

At Dunajská Lužná, a fraternal meeting with the Sisters and bro. Damián in charge of translation


Bro. Melichar MATIS, Promoter of the Rosary for the Province of Slovakia, had been inviting the Promoter General of the Rosary for quite some time! The latter went to this small central European country between 20 and 25 May 2015.

Slovakia is certainly a small country… but its faith is great! What a joy to meet up again with Slovak brothers met in other convents of Europe – at the Albertinum convent of Fribourg, in particular – and to savour the simple and warm welcome of a population attached to its history and to its traditions!

The welcome was remarkable everywhere: firstly, with the Dominican apostolic sisters, then with the brothers of the convents of Bratislava, Svolen and Košice. Bro. Melichar had organised things well: meetings with the different communities and brotherhoods of the Rosary meant we criss-crossed the country from West to East.

At the end of the Slovakian trip, a large meeting was organised at Vyšná Šebastová. A devotee of Our Lady has created here a large Rosary Garden where all the mysteries of the Rosary are represented. Many members of the region’s confraternities made the journey.

Throughout this visit there was the question of the language. What to do when the Promoter General does not speak a single word of Slovak? We could have relied on the Holy Spirit –the more so as the meeting at Vyšná Šebastová was held at Pentecost– but clearly the Spirit had not blown strongly enough! So we relied on the services of brothers Damián MAČURA and Irenej FINTOR who, happily for all, carried out their job of interpreters with brio…

What’s more to say except that this trip to Slovakia was a real pleasure, leaving us with the earnest desire…to return!

Meeting with the confraternities at Vyšná Šebastová – Pentecost 2015
Bro. Irenej translates the sermon

r. Louis-Marie ARIÑO-DURAND, OP
General Promoter of the Rosary