The Glorious Mysteries for the Jubilee of the Order of the Preachers

The Resurrection

Jesus said to Mary: ‘Woman, why are you weeping? Whom do you seek?’” (John 20, 15).

“Oh Risen One, Oh gentle door-keeper, Oh humble lamb, you are the gardener who, having opened the gates of the heavenly garden, that is paradise, you offer us the flowers and the fruits of the eternal Deity. And now I know for certain that you have spoken the truth... When you appeared as a traveller to two of your disciples and told them that the Christ must suffer and that it was by way of the Cross that he enters into his glory... And what was your Glory, oh sweet and loving Word? It was Yourself and it was necessary for you to suffer in order to enter into your Glory.” (Saint Catherine of Siena, 1347-1380).

“There is nothing more to search for, Mary: you have found the one you will never lose again. You will no longer see him in death’s hands on the cross. You will no longer go to his tomb to embalm him in the perfumes of charity. You will no longer seek him from anyone on earth; nor from anyone in heaven, himself least of all, because he is your soul and your soul is he. Separated for a brief spell, you are now joined together in that place where nothing at all can prevent union and unity.” (Fr. Henri-Dominique Lacordaire, 1802-1861).

Our Lady of the Rosary, teach us to give thanks for this new Life which has been given to us by the Resurrection of Christ.

The Ascension

Therefore it is said, ‘When he ascended on high he led a host of captives and he gave gifts to men.” (Ephes. 4, 8).

“The mystery of the Ascension (...) takes us with the Lord into the kingdom of the Father and closes off the purely human routes. If you have risen with Christ, seek the things that are above. But this raising up of ourselves, this going up is to take place in the footsteps of Christ. It is the power of the Resurrection that carries us and draws us onwards just as it was Jesus’ love for the Father that drew him along the path of his Passion. We too can only join Christ on the paths he himself trod: abjection, poverty, contempt, because it is He and not another who is the Way.” (John Tauler, 1300-1361).

“He, the most Powerful of the powerful, has made the devil captive, and he has gone up to heaven in all his power. There, in the splendour and the sublimity of his glory, he rejoices with his Father in all the heavenly blessings. King of life eternal, he makes us his co-heirs, his co-sharers, he the contemplation of whom satisfies the desires of all the angels; he who is so beautiful that no creature can cease to admire him, he whose appearance, whose words, are beyond description! It is he who is our reward.” (Blessed Columba of Rieti, 1467-1501).

Our Lady of the Rosary, teach us to long always for Heaven.


They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance” (Acts 2, 4).

“May the grace of the Holy Spirit be with us! Holy Spirit, you inspired the prophets so that they could proclaim in advance the wonders of the Messiah. You purified the Apostles so that they could carry the message of Christ to the whole world. Your breath enabled human beings to become spiritual. You bring together in one widely different languages and customs. With your heavenly touch, you have taught the saints in all centuries. You have yourself today endowed the Apostles of Christ with the most extraordinary and hitherto unknown gifts. You have made glorious this day of Pentecost. Amen. Alleluia!” (Blessed Humbert of Romans, 1194-1277).

“The precious and incomparable gift which, unfortunately, had formerly been lost through sin in the earthly paradise, has now been restored to us. Yes, the treasure which we had formerly lost through our disobedience, I mean the Holy Spirit, the riches, depth of love and fullness of which no mind, heart or intelligence is capable of comprehending, had been restored to us. He descended on the apostles. He gave himself abundantly, without measure. He filled them all to the full, interiorly and exteriorly, with his grace.” (John Tauler, 1300-1361).

Our Lady of the Rosary, teach us to be docile to the breath of the Spirit.

The Assumption

He who is mighty has done great things for me: henceforth all generations will call me blessed.” (Luke 1, 48-49).

“ If Our Lady’s body is with her in the glory of Heaven, that is because throughout her earthly life and in spite of her exceptional graces, she never attached herself to any good, spiritual or corporal, interior or exterior... By means of this deep interior poverty, we too share a little in this purity of Mary, in this ‘lightness’ thanks to which she never placed the slightest obstacle in the way of the grace which was raising her to God. The Assumption begins, like the Resurrection, in our daily life here below.” (John Tauler, 1300-1361).

“This heavenly and glorious Queen who, while on earth, seemed to be no more than a little piece of earth, I know that today she is above all the spheres, as the Church teaches. He who established her as Queen of the Seraphim, and who took real human flesh in her womb, comes down through the heavenly spheres in order to honour her and to crown her. What rejoicing in the depths of heaven, in the midst of those shining spirits, at the moment of her wonderful assumption!” (Fr. Girolamo Savonarola, (1452-1498).

Our Lady of the Rosary, teach us always to go to Christ through you. Ad Jesum per Mariam!

The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

A great portent appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and on her head a crown of twelve stars.” (Apoc. 12, 1).

“My daughters [the Nuns of the Monastery of St Agnes in Bologna] are decked and adorned indeed... They shall be brought to the King, our Lord, after her who is the QUEEN, the Virgin MARY, his incomparable mother, for she alone is his dove, his beautiful one, she who is all fair and there is no blemish in her... She is full of charity and love, full of grace, she that is blessed among women and the Lord is with her. After her shall the brides of Christ be brought into this temple of the King, that temple which is not made with human hands; and there the Bridegroom shall rejoice over the Bride... You shall come into Sion with praise, and everlasting joy shall be upon your heads, that everlasting crown which is called joy.” (Blessed Jordan of Saxony, 1185-1237).

“Gaze upon the sweet Queen of the heavenly Kingdom, so dear to your heart, who is bending tenderly over her Beloved, surrounded by roses and lilies of the valley. Gaze upon her exquisite beauty that fills the entire heavenly army with joy. Oh! Now take a look which will thrill your heart and your spirit! Behold the Mother of Mercy who has gently turned her eyes, her merciful and loving eyes, to look at you and at all sinners, in order to protect them with her power and reconcile them with her beloved Child.” (Blessed Henry Suso, 1295-1366).

Our Lady of the Rosary, teach us to love you always more and better, as worthy daughters and sons of Our Father St Dominic.

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