A Glorious Rosary


The light of the feast of Easter shines still in our hearts and we are now in the days which separate us from Pentecost, in what we call the Paschal Season.

It would be regrettable to think that Easter is a full stop of Lent, and that our spiritual attention should relax. In fact, the Resurrection of the Lord causes us to enter into a glorious time which gives us a taste of the splendor of heaven. After the training of Lent when we sought to cultivate our relationship with the Lord, we will continue on our momentum, with our rosary beads of course! It would be regrettable to abandon the good habits taken since Ash Wednesday… and if have not taken them, let us not be discouraged! It is never too late to do so!

No question then to sleep on our laurels of the Resurrection. Certainly Christ came out of the tomb victorious. Certainly Christ conquered death. But he does not do so just for himself. It is all of us whom he leads towards his Ascension. It is on all of us that he will spread his Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.

And Mary, by her Assumption and her Crowning in Heaven, announces that which all believers are called to: the glory of heaven! And what better way to reach it than to meditate the mystery of the holy Rosary of the Virgin Mary?

The Paschal Season, then, will be the perfect opportunity to meditate especially the glorious mysteries. Our Paschal Rosary will therefore be a glorious Rosary!

Certainly we will continue, day by day, to meditate the different series of mysteries, but they will have, over the coming weeks, a particular tonality, a particular color. Behind each mystery will lurk the Glory of the Risen One!

So then, to each and everyone, good Paschal time, good time of Glorious Rosary!

Fr. Louis-Marie ARIÑO-DURAND, o.p.

General Promoter of the Rosary