For God is love!

Editorial - April 2016 - No 408

Theme of the year 2015-2016:
"Remain in my love" Jn15: 9


Easter time, transit time... From the harsh winter in Jerusalem to the spring when life is sprouting; from the hot summer in the southern hemisphere to the coolness of autumn.
It is a passage that takes us from harshness and violence towards gentleness and peace. It is the passage of what has been destroyed by the excess of heat or of the cold up to a new life!
In Laudato Si Encyclical, Pope Francis invites us to read from the book of nature with all our intelligence, and the Bible with all our faith. The whole Bible converges to the Passover of Christ, who was sent by the Father to save us. By his death on the Cross, Jesus has conquered death when he offered his life for us. He takes us into a new life! In this passage, Jesus saves us because he is the "Mercy" of God! As he draws us into his resurrection, Jesus reveals that God is love that is gratuitous and overflowing because He is Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

During this Easter, Jesus asks each of the baptized the question which he asked Peter so as to draw him into His life that is stronger than death. The question is: ‘Do you love me?’


We should not respond too quickly or only by habit: “Yes, I love you Lord!” On the contrary, let us take the time to listen deeply to Christ's call to love, and then to love him with all our heart and all our mind. Let us take the time to enjoy the call of Christ who loved us to the end.

Then we can answer him with a sincere and true heart: ‘yes, here I am!’

For our response of love will shine in us, and wants to make known the love of God for all humans! That's why we are members of the Rosary Teams!
Let us help one another to answer: ‘Yes Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you as much as I can!
Let us help one another so that together we can show that the God who is calling us is in fact a Great LOVE for all mankind!


Father Gilles Danroc, o.p.
International Chaplain of the Rosary Teams

Editorial - May 2016 - No 409

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