Jesus comes in the flesh and He comes in glory!

Editorial - December 2016 - Nº 415

Theme of the year 2016-2017:
"Blessed are the merciful" (Mt 5:7)

This is the message of Advent and of Christmas. Such is our hope. Because the Gospel tells us how Jesus walked on the roads of a Holy Land so as to come to the meeting of sinners and to look for the lost sheep! His coming among us makes us hope for his coming in glory. On the cross, he saved the world and on Easter Sunday, God raised him from the dead and placed him in glory! Thus Jesus' whole life expresses the infinite mercy of God who saves us and brings us into the kingdom of glory. This is our vocation: to live with God in the glory of love!

Here is the time of joy! Pope Francis asks us not let anything rob us of our joy! Neither the joy of Christmas that we often share with family. Nor the joy of Advent that leads us from mercy up to glory! It is a surprising joy to discover that each of us is this lost sheep that Jesus came to save by showing us his mercy and by forgiving us.

We find a new joy to become workers of mercy right where we live.

This is the choice that God made for us.

This is our joy to say yes to Him by singing the Magnificat with Mary!

Father Gilles Danroc, o.p.
International Chaplain of the Rosary Teams

Editorial - April 2017 - N° 419

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