The Joy of a Meeting

Editorial - September 2017 - Nº423

Theme of the year 2017-2018:
The joy of salvation

Zacchaeus had foreseen everything: from the top of his tree he would see Jesus coming. He thought he was safe, far from the eyes of others. Jesus decided otherwise. He calls him by name, asks for a reply from him, and goes to his house.

Zacchaeus is going to live an Annunciation!

Like Mary, Zacchaeus is surprised by this call. He is alone and God comes to seize him. God calls Zacchaeus by his name in order to signify that he is unique, and that the path which opens before him is that of his vocation. Of course, he will have to face the comments of others, but what a joy it is for him to feel that he is deeply loved!

Zacchaeus is going to give an immediate answer to Jesus’ Call. He does not ask any question and he leaps out of his tree. No word is exchanged, but the attitude of Zacchaeus is so eloquent: he is eager tocome to his Lord.

It is in the house of Zacchaeus that Jesus will go and live. Just as he made his dwelling in Mary, so he comes to have a meal with his new friend. He is not satisfied with a superficial relation. No, he wants to spend time with Zacchaeus so that the latter comes to know him better and be truly attached to him.

There is much joy in these encounters!
The joy of Mary at the Annunciation.
The joy of Zacchaeus at the call of Christ.

What if this joy was ours?
The encounter of Christ in the Scriptures, in prayer, in all those around us!
The encounter of Christ who calls us to know him better so that we can give him to others... in a missionary spirit!

Just dare to meet Jesus ! We shall then know this joy.

Fr. Louis-Marie Ariño-Durand, OP
International Chaplain of the Rosary Teams

Editorial - October 2017 - Nº424

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