The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary of Love

1. The Annunciation

Love makes the first step.

You come towards us...
You want to be with us as close as possible.
You GOD, You become a human being in order to share everything with us!
What unfathomable love!


Is there a more consoling, a more comforting and a more gratifying message than this?
I AM LOVED - not only by weak humans but by God Almighty, who IS love himself!

Doesn’t this message of joy outshine all that is dark, frightening and painful in this world?

How few people have already heard this best of all possible news! And we? Has it really reached our hearts so that we are living from it?

So let’s pray to the Father, the author of this grandiose plan of love: Our Father…

2. The Visitation

The happiness of love is given only to him who BELIEVES that he is loved.

Happy, even blessed are you to praise, o Mary, because you believed in the omnipotence and love of God. (cf. Lk 1,45)

God cannot believe for us.
But faith itself is a gift of his love.

We pray for those who do not believe to the one who wants to give faith also to them: Our Father...

3. The Nativity of Jesus

Love saves.

Where to go with anxiety, suffering and guilt? What shall I become in death?
Sooner or later everyone must admit: left to myself, I am hopelessly lost ...
In this darkness of existence sounds the voice of a glowing angel: To you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ, the Lord (Lk 2,10-11).
Christ the Savior is born!
He who believes in Him is saved!

Let’s pray that we really believe that Jesus alone can save us by turning us to the one who sent us this Savior: Our Father...

4. The presentation of Jesus in the Temple

The only thing worth living for, is GOD, is LOVE.

Simeon, listening to the sweet voice of the Holy Spirit, aligned his life completely to God, the “consolation of Israel” (Lk 2,25).
In return, the most happy meeting is granted to him now. Filled with love, he praises God and can comforted depart this life.

Holy Spirit, grant that we, too, align our whole life to God, to LOVE and so reach the destination to which we all are journeying: to the Father's house. To him we pray in joyful hope: Our Father...

5. The finding of Jesus in the Temple

The will of the Father is love.

Did you not know that I must be in my Father's house? (Lk 2,49)

To be in the Father’s house, means to be in his LOVE. The Father is the fountainhead of all-encompassing, boundless goodness; his will is LOVE, nothing but LOVE.

O Jesus, grant us that we, too, want only what the Father wants - and that is LOVE. Let us always believe in his love and always enjoy him by our "Yes, Father!"
And that we want to ask him with the words you have taught us: Our Father...

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