Jubilee 2016 - 7 October at Yamoussoukro!

Basilica of Our Lady of Peace – Yamoussoukro - Ivory Coast


The Jubilee of the 800 years of the Order of Preachers could not but add particular splendour to the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

We had to select a venue and our choice fell on the Basilica of Yamoussoukro in Ivory Coast. We needed to find a symbolic place for a celebration of the Rosary. When looking, we excluded Europe to underline the universality of our Order, at the very heart of the Church. Moreover, the Master of the Order insisted that a prayer for peace be organised so that the Preachers could ask for this peace, so necessary. This requirement coincided with that of Dominican brothers, notably from Africa, who asked that a reflexion on peace be conducted.

Taking a world map printed in Europe, we noted that Africa lies at the centre… and that in turn Ivory Coast occupies a similar location within its continent. The splendid Yamoussoukro Basilica of Ivory Coast seemed to us the obvious choice. A lovely providential coincidence, the building is under the patronage of… Our Lady of Peace!

Bro. Benjamin Somé, responsible for the Jubilee for the Vice-Province of West Africa, and the Ivory Coast Rosary Teams together with their national chaplain, bro. Paul Dago, thought big: a slightly crazy project, a beautiful Rosary night, was organised from 7 to 8 October.

It all began, at sunset, with a torchlight procession all along the esplanade. How many were we? 4,000? 5,000? It doesn’t matter. The fervour was there and together we meditated the joyful mysteries before entering the Basilica by the Door of Mercy.

During the night, the whole series of the mysteries of the Rosary were meditated, broken up by conferences, after the celebration of mass presided by Mgr Joseph Spiteri, Apostolic Nuncio in Ivory Coast. The first was that of the Master of the Order, bro. Bruno Cadoré, who had made a special trip, on the theme of Mary, Mother of Mercy and Queen of Peace. Then the General Promoter of the Rosary, bro. Louis-Marie Ariño-Durand, spoke to us on the subject of The Rosary and Evangelisation. In the middle of the night, the third speaker was bro. Paul Dago on the Dominicans in West Africa.

What an extraordinary night!
Yamoussoukro had become the centre of the world, the very heart of the Rosary and the Dominican Order…
What blessings received!


7 October 2016 – Rosary Night in the Basilica


Fr. Louis-Marie ARIÑO-DURAND, OP
General Promoter of the Rosary