Jubilee 2016 - At Lourdes, the gift of the Rosary

The tympanum of the Basilica of the Rosary – Lourdes Sanctuary – France
2 October 2012


Among the images distributed within the framework of the General Promotion of the Rosary, this photo of the tympanum of the Basilica of the Rosary at Lourdes is particular for several reasons.

Firstly, it is one of the three « official » images chosen for the Jubilee of the foundation of the Order of Preachers.

The Master of the Order himself asked that one of the cards be a representation of Our Lady’s gift of the Rosary to Saint Dominic.  So this is a reminder of the very special link which for centuries has united the Dominicans and the Rosary.

Of all the card designs you find on the Rosarium site, it is also the only one not taken by the General Promoter of the Rosary.  We owe this picture to Nicole Malle, a friend of the Saint Thomas Aquinas convent of Toulouse, France, a photo that surprised her first…before surprising us.

In fact – and this is the third particularity of this image! – those who know the Lourdes sanctuary will recognize the site shown in the photograph: the tympanum of the Basilica of the Rosary is visible to all who pass along the esplanade to reach the Grotto.

The basilica facade, when not covered with mosaics, is grey. On the card chosen for the Jubilee, the photograph, taken without filter and not touched up has come out…blue!

Difficult not to see a maternal nod from the Virgin Mary, isn’t it?

That she approaches our grey lives…and transforms them into her colours!

That is one of her gifts to us, through her Rosary!

r. Louis-Marie ARIÑO-DURAND, OP
General Promoter of the Rosary