A letter to a very close friend

I have had this rosary made specially for you--- a chain of love to bind us ever closer to Mary and to each other. I want the stones of the beads to be living stones forming us into one building for the glory of God. The mysteries are filled out in our own flesh. I find details of your life and of so many other lives, hidden in the various mysteries.

Once when talking about the Rosary, a young Dublin working man challenged me. The trouble with Jesus Christ,” he said “is that he’s dead. What the lads that work down here want, is a Saviour alive to-day, like Big Jim Larkin, who organised them into a trade union to fight for their rights.

I did my best at the time to explain, that unlike the Eastern meditation that was then coming on stream, we were not just emptying our minds of everything. We were reaching out to a Christ and his Mother who were alive today. Meditation such as we have in the Rosary, keeps us in touch with reality, the Christian reality which holds all things in being, and is the real and lasting stuff of life.

At one time, I found the Rosary a difficult prayer, but that encounter with the young Dublin docker, changed things. I began to struggle with the fact that the mysteries of Jesus were not merely events of the past. Jesus is alive today and his mysteries are not just scenes to be remembered and thought about in the head. They pack power for now. The Rosary with its mysteries, I discovered, was no longer a wearisome repetition. It became a simple and effective way of opening myself to the unlimited power of God.

Beloved, when we say the Rosary together, we think of our calling to Divine love. Together we share in the mystery of Annunciation. Your coming to me, has been a Visitation and you bring me the Christ that you carry within you. We have our own Agony and Crucifixion. But we have the blessed hope of Resurrection and Ascension when we will forever sing and dance with the whole court of heaven. With the Rosary, we align ourselves to the life, death and glory of Jesus, so that nothing of our life our labour and our love is be lost, but yields a harvest of eternal life and love.