Mary, Queen and Mother of the Church, Mary Queen of Our Heart

Editorial - July-August 2017 - Nº422

Theme of the year 2016-2017:
"Blessed are the merciful"

Through her effective intercession, Mary participates in the power of Christ, and fights against Satan. Wrapped in the light of the risen Christ, her immaculate heart is the sign of victory for our time, as she showed to the little shepherds of Fatima.
"Mary, be the one who receives me" is prayed at the beginning of each monthly meeting of a Rosary Team: Mary, Queen and Mother of the Church, is the hostess of our house at the time of group prayer. Together we go to Christ, while relying upon Mary: she takes to Jesus all our prayers, our reflections, our sharing, our joys, our sorrows, our praise, and our requests for intercessions; and she calls us to mission.

During our daily personal prayer, in the daily contemplation of the Mysteries of the Rosary, Mary receives us in our heart; she becomes the hostess of our heart. She takes  us slowly but surely to Christ. Mary thus becomes little by little the Queen of our heart. In his book, "The Secret of Mary," Saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort tells us: "We must do all things through Mary, that is, we must gradually become accustomed to meditate so as to get a small idea or a spiritual image of the Most Holy Virgin. She will be for our soul, the Oratory where we shall go to pray to God without fearing that we could be rejected; she will also be the Tower of David, where we will be protected  against all enemies; she is the lamp that is lit to illuminate our soul so that we can  burn with divine love; she is the Sacred Altar where we can see God with her; and lastly, she is the one who is so close to God, who is her universal recourse."

Members of the Rosary Teams, let us thank God for having been invited to the Movement so we can come to know and love the Virgin Mary, and to grow in Christ thanks to her help. This gift that we have received, must be shared with others. The Rosary Teams belong to the Movement of Evangelization; therefore we must become the good little soldiers of the Virgin Mary, right where we are, and in carrying out the mission she has entrusted to us, which is to give Christ to the world.

Chantal Courtin
International Coordinator

Editorial - September 2017 - Nº423

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