The Merry Entry into Glory

Editorial - November 2017 - Nº 425

Theme of the year 2017-2018:
The joy of salvation

How are we going to live in november?

It opens with the feast of All Saints, which is a reminder of that holiness to which we are all called. And the next day, we remember the deceased! What a contrast ... and yet these two first days of the month are fundamentally related.

To attain the joy of heaven, one must forcibly die. Our life on earth must end, of course, butthis death is not the only one that is at stake.

There are so many things that clutter our hearts. We need to let die all that takes us away from God: our selfishness, our fears, our sins ... All it takes is to make room for God so that he can transform our lives. We are in search of the sensational while holiness hides in the banality of our daily life. What is important is to allow each moment of our life to be filled with love. Then everything is going to change!

We are still in the Centennial of the Apparitions of Fatima. One of the first questions that the children ask the beautiful Lady is about Heaven: "And shall we go to heaven? "

This is how we are going to live this month of November: We shall ask the Lord, through Mary, "Lord, will I go to heaven? "

We were chosen to be saved and to possess the glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ ( 2Th 2: 13-14). We must long for Heaven. And the time spent on earth is to be used for preparing the joyful entrance into Glory.

Let us ask for the grace of entering heaven for our deceased, and for each one of us, through the intercession of all the saints!

Fr. Louis-Marie Ariño-Durand, OP

International Chaplain of the Rosary Teams

Editorial - December 2017 - Nº 426

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