Editorial - June 2011 - N°355

Monthly Prayer Leaflet for the Rosary Teams

No.355 - June 2011

Our theme for the year:
“I saw a huge crowd”

Do not worry for your life

What will we eat, what will we drink? In a world where thousands of children die of hunger and millions suffer from malnutrition, and in this same world where millions of people suffer from overeating, this question does not have the same effects.

God’s gifts must not be wasted especially if others lack basic food.

In following the example of the Lord, we will discover that the exercise of charity is also a question of training.

We need to give more importance to the needs of others than to our own.

Sharing is not only a vital requirement for our world but the only way towards a personal and collective fruitfulness. For this we need to forget the self and display a kind of daring, a “Holy Daring”.

When Mother Theresa of Calcutta was asked how she started her work, she replied: “I opened the door and stepped into the street. There I saw a dying man. I picked him up and brought him into my home.”

To love is simply to become for the other the bread of his hunger!

Marie-France SEILLIER
International Coordinator

Editorial of July-August 2011

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