Editorial - March 2012 - N°363

Monthly Prayer Leaflet for the Rosary Teams

No.363 - March 2012

Our theme for the year:
“You are the Body of Christ”

Hail Mary, full of grace!

At the Annunciation, the angel Gabriel greets Mary as “full of grace”. He calls her thus as if it was her real name. He does not give to the one he addresses her proper name, according earthly civil status: Miryam (= Mary) but this new name: “full of grace”.

Mary was overcome. Her heart floods with joy. She is thrilled to the deepest of her heart with a joy which cannot compare with any human joy.

Already the Magnificat brushes her lips, her soul exults with joy. Mary is not full of herself; she is empty of herself.

And so, she was able to be filled by God Himself, filled with the grace of God, which is God Himself.

Whilst on the 25th of March we will celebrate the Annunciation of the Lord. Mary invites us to trust: “I am the servant of the Lord; let it be done to me according to His word”. (Lk. 1, 38)

During this time of Lent, Mary helps us to place ourselves under the gaze of God and to allow ourselves to be remodeled by his grace and his light.

Marie-France SEILLIER
International Coordinator

Editorial of April 2012

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