The Visitation

The road to knowledge is hard and steep, but
the priority is in the life becoming charity and active love;
the magical embrace only reveals a shared
mission, much more that stating I am here.
The joy lies after the labour, and it’s buried and sublimed
by arcane effort; emotions and thoughts
on the way to Ain Karim: rejoice with me, Universe;
since in my lap I hold the Saviour of the world, who can repay me
for such a life, even if Love should be a defeat?
Tell me, endless vibration in the heart, whether my bosom
holds more than the sky and the stars and
whether a new rainbow and a final bridge were thrown to mankind. What are
tonight’s celestial thoughts, born out of a heart
full of love, but the evidence that my destiny
has become the centre of irradiation for a project
of salvation embracing the Universe, just as I am now
embracing you, sister Elizabeth, and my heart is singing
and thanking my Lord who condescended to recognise,
in these two babies, the Prophet and the Messiah for the human family.
the Ancient interlaces with the New and our hearts’ symphony
will shelter Man’s eternal odyssey, because
the Name will persist, and all the hapless
of the earth in Him will find a shelter.

The author of this poem (in Italian)