The hope of a mother

Monthly Prayer Leaflet for the Rosary Teams

Our theme for the year:
“You are the Temple of the Holy Spirit”

Mary, mother of Jesus of Nazareth…
The one whose birth we celebrated at Christmas.
And the Word became flesh through the Virgin Mary…

Mary, mother of God because Jesus is the Verb, the Word of God, the only Son of the Father and sent by Him to heal and save mankind.

Mary, mother of Christ, who at the height of horror stands at the foot of the Cross, turned towards Hope. There she receives John and each one of us.

Mary, mother of the Church, through the grace of her son, Jesus, Saviour of the world.

She is mother to all our Rosary Teams throughout the world.
She protects us and watches over us, so that, like Jesus of Nazareth, we may grow:
In size- Thousands on the five continents –
In wisdom- daily and in our team, our Christian life makes us share and live the Word of God.
In Grace- So as to radiate the Love of God, which we have as a mission to spread and communicate around ourselves, in His Name.

This first day of the year causes us to receive a grace which strengthens our hope: Jesus Christ, dead and risen, gives us his mother who becomes our mother, mother of all the baptized, members of the Body of Christ and mother of the Church, temple of the Spirit.

And so, yes, with every hope we can look at the coming year with the gaze of Mary.

Happy New Year, Year of Faith in the Holy Spirit.

Fr. Gilles DANROC o.p.
International Chaplain of the Rosary Teams

Editorial of February 2013

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