This lovely month of Mary!

Monthly Prayer Leaflet for the Rosary Teams

Our theme for the year:
“You are the Temple of the Holy Spirit”

Here comes again this lovely month of Mary with all the hope of spring… the Paschal season of the Bible!

It is an opportunity for us to discover, once again, what is the living Rosary, personally and in teams.

The Rosary is primarily a predication of the Gospel for it places before our gaze of faith the whole of the life of Jesus, from the Annunciation to the consequences of his resurrection!

Thanks to the listening of God’s Word at every mystery and thanks to the meditation of the decade with the clausula, we can bring the Gospel into our hearts. It then inhabits our memory. Our prayer then becomes a beautiful exchange between his living words in our hearts and our words which are addressed to him.

At that moment, with the intentions and the last part of the “Hail Mary”, we intercede for the whole world: “Lord, what will become of sinners?” Such was the daily intercession of Saint Paul which Saint Dominic took up daily.

This intercession for the world rests upon each of the Rosary Teams disseminated a bit everywhere. Thus we do not remain closed in on ourselves, but open ourselves to the dimension of others. From this springs in our lives the desire to meet God where He is, in the heart of all our brothers and sisters, especially those who suffer and call to the Lord sometimes without knowing him. Then, and only then, will the month of Mary be beautiful!

Fr. Gilles DANROC o.p.
International Chaplain of the Rosary Teams

Editorial of June 2013

Équipes du Rosaire International
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