Mary and the Eucharist

Monthly Prayer Leaflet for the Rosary Teams

Our theme for the year:
“Great is the mystery of faith”

In this beautiful month of May, Mary helps us contemplate the mystery of the Eucharist. For great is the mystery of faith: On Holy Thursday, Jesus gives everything; he gives himself "for us and for our salvation." He gives everything he has. In giving his life, "the beloved Son in whom the Father has put all his love," gives all that he has.

And he received his body and blood, his full human nature from Mary, his mother. For Jesus is truly man whilst being truly God. This is the affirmation of our faith that our intelligence cannot invent.

That is why Mary helps us to contemplate the mystery of faith and receive the Eucharist that nourishes our faith. At the Annunciation, she received and accepted in her whole being, the mission of being the mother of the Saviour. In the Joyful and Luminous mysteries, we see how she gave Jesus her daily attention and affection so that he could grow in stature, wisdom and grace. When her son took the road to Jerusalem, «a sword pierced her soul for Jesus brought salvation as a sign of contradiction. (Luke 2:34-35).

Mary was with Jesus because Jesus is God with us until the end of the world! And she hoped in his coming in glory as foretold by the prophets! The Glorious mysteries are issued from the Sorrowful mysteries!

Through the Eucharist, God shares himself with mankind. And Mary continues to bring us forth unto love. Day after day, in Nazareth, she taught her son to pray to the true God and to share his bread with the poorest.

As this month of May is illuminated by the resurrection of Christ, let it give us the joy of sharing, together with Mary.

Fr. Gilles DANROC o.p.
International Chaplain of the Rosary Teams

Editorial of June 2014

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