Let's be witnesses of the Risen Christ, who is Light and Joy for everyone!

Monthly Prayer Leaflet for the Rosary Teams

Our theme for the year:
“Great is the mystery of faith”

By the Holy Spirit, the power of the Resurrection of Jesus, our Savior, unfolds in each of us at Pentecost. The Holy Spirit is the infinite love of God that is poured into our hearts. What a gift to receive!

It gives us strength and courage, but also the tenderness and sweetness of God. As we receive the force of this graciously- given love, we are expected by the Risen Jesus, just as it is for Mary Magdalene and the apostles, to proclaim to everyone we meet that:

"Jesus loves you; you are saved; do not be afraid , but believe in Him"

Because Jesus is patient, he is waiting for you, and he dearly wants to become your friend.

Open the door of your heart, loose the locks of fear, of selfishness and of sin.

"The Peace of the Risen Jesus" is for you, Mercy and Forgiveness. Jesus calls you to an endless happiness; he wants to give you life in abundance. He helps you in trial and in pain. He answers your questions and eases your difficulties.

"Nothing is impossible for God."

Like Mary, Mother of God, our "Mom", let us meditate in our heart all these events in our heart. Let's be available to the treasures of grace of his Risen Son.

With all our heart, let us believe in his salvation for each one of us.

"Happy Feast of Pentecost to all"

Thérèse Turlan Delannoy
International Coordinator

Editorial of July-August 2014

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