“Hope creates in us a desire for God”

Monthly Prayer Leaflet for the Rosary Teams

Our theme for the year:
“To hope against all hope” (Rom 4:18)

The rising New Year 2015 is like a blank canvas on which everyone can paint over the months, their projects, their joys and sorrows...

But what will be priorities set for the future that is full of hope and promises?

What are we longing for? Terrestrial satisfaction - even though these are legitimate when used correctly - or the Word of God, which can rule out any temptation and save us in times of trials? The Word of God can solve our problems, and it gives meaning to our earthly life by leading us to the Truth. It allows us to understand the logic of God which is different from our human thoughts; it helps us to welcome the unexpected through our faith in God.
With much tenderness, let's wish one another the Peace that comes from the Risen Christ in the Holy Spirit; a peace which is given to us thanks to the daily prayer addressed to "our Father who is in Heaven."
Lord, help us to trust you, as we take by the hand, Mary, – the Mother of God, but also our Mother in Heaven, whom we celebrate on 1 January.

"Lord, give us Hope against all hope" Rom 4, 18

May our faith enable us, day by day, to deepen the "Gospel of Joy" which is real food for our life... Pope Francis Let our faith allow us the ability to take action so as to change our world, and to commit ourselves to the spreading of peace in our families, in our country! May our faith open a fruitful dialogue between religions, ethnic groups, social classes...

On the threshold of 2015, Brother Gilles Danroc International Chaplain, sends you God’s blessing, and encourages you to carry on with your Mission of Baptized Christians.
In union with you by the Marian prayer, the International Bureau of the Rosary Teams sends you its warmest wishes.

Thérèse Turlan Delannoy
International Coordinator

Editorial of February 2015

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