A living hope

Monthly Prayer Leaflet for the Rosary Teams

Our theme for the year:
“To hope against all hope” (Rom 4:18)

Virgin Mary, we love to watch you live next to your Son Jesus. Take each of us by the hand so that this gift of faith in Baptism is firmly established throughout our lives and so leads us into "a living hope" up to salvation.

Together with Joseph, you take Jesus to Jerusalem in order to present him to the Lord. (2 February) Simeon, moved by the Holy Spirit comes to the Temple, takes the child in his arms and blesses God with a song of joy and hope, crying:

"My eyes have seen your Salvation ... a light for the nations ..."

Pope Francis opened a year dedicated to "the consecrated life. »
He calls the religious men and women, to be "Passers on of life"...
"Be witnesses of another way to doing things, of working, and of living ...
inviting them to follow the Lord, to awaken the world, to overcome the worldly horizon..."
And every baptized layman, is called according to his personal talents, to bring the "Gospel of Joy" around him, and to "the peripheries of the Church and the world."
Let us welcome this noble mission received from Christ!

We must make known to those who are sad, tried, and lonely the unconditional love of God and his mercy, and also give them courage and Hope in the name of the Risen Christ!

Lord, teach us to contemplate your loving Presence in the depths of our heart. After your death and resurrection, you've ascended to your Father so as to prepare a place for us. We thank you for the graces received in our life course, for the patience with which you expect your "prodigal sons" who are lost, misplaced and repentant. We praise you for the forgiveness of our sins, for the Sacraments offered by your Church!

On February 11, with Our Lady of Lourdes, we unite ourselves especially to the sick, who suffer painfully in their body and their heart. With confidence we ask Mary to intercede for them with her Son!

On February 18, we celebrate both the holiness of Bernadette and the start of Lent. I see a wink from Mary as she delivers her messages to Bernadette at Lourdes. Marie reminds us of the Gospel proclaimed by her Son. Pray, fast and share with others. Let us unite our earthly trials to the Passion of Christ, and also savour the joy of faith and hope in Christ dead and risen, our liberator and Only Saviour.

Thérèse Turlan Delannoy
International Coordinator

Editorial of March 2015

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