The pilgrim Rosary of the Jubilee - from November 7th to 15th

November 7th: Opening of the Jubilee in Santa Sabina in Rome by the Master of the Order, fr. Bruno Cadoré.
The General Promoter of the Rosary will be simultaneously in Iraq.

November 8th and 9th: Monastery Sainte Marie in Prouilhe (France)
It is the first monastery founded by Saint Dominic.
The site of the Monastery of Prouilhe (in French)

November 10th and 11th: Monastery Mama di Dios in Curaçao

November 12th and 13th: Monastery Heilig Grab in Bamberg (Germany)
The program of these two days (in German)

November 14th and 15th: Monastery San Blas in Lerma (Province of Burgos - Spain)

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