Meeting with... Deepa Sandra Cutinha

Deepa, you're from India and you led a Rosary Chain. Can you tell us about your experience?

I led the Chain Rosary on 4th (May) Midnight starting from 12:00 am. The task of reciting the rosary at each hour was well managed by informing the next person to recite once one person was done with it. For e.g., Herald’s timing was 2:00 – 3:00. At 2:50 he reminded the next person in the chain by calling to continue. Similarly there were reminders for the people during the day to recite and surprisingly all were very enthusiastic to perform this task given to them. Elderly people prepared themselves by taking a shower before they sat for rosary. They made sure they were clean. None gave an opportunity to break the rosary and whoever could not make it and wherever there were gaps many were eagerly waiting to recite again and again.

I had arranged the statue of Mother Mary in a separate room. The room was cleaned thoroughly before installing the statue and was lit with oil lamps, flowers. The room was refreshed by room freshener. Incense was also used at 7:00 PM before starting the family rosary.

I experienced a small deviation after the 7:00 am rosary in the morning. The room where I had arranged for prayers got locked and we could not open it. I didn’t want the chain to break for the 8:00 am rosary which I had to recite. All the rosary books, the match box and my mobile phone were inside the room. I recited the rosary outside the room, used the gas stove to light the candle and the main niche lamp which is there in the living room and searched through few books where I got a rosary prayer in it. Thanks to GOD for the book. I continued the rosary and then used the screw driver to open the room and the door was unlocked.

Surprisingly, for the first time there was frog in the same room at night. My MIL (the cat) chased it out. The frog would have disturbed me for the night rosary which I had to pray at 11:00.

I experienced family growth and togetherness for this task, a great willingness by all which showed the love for our mother in their hearts. None refused at the first call I made. Instead, they gave suggestions and timings on how we could make this a memorable event.

Our Mother became a celebrity of the day in India (Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, and Kerala) and Kuwait as she was the star of the day.

All prayed for the Pope through one Our Father three Hail Mary’s and one glory be.

Many a blessings will flow through the rosary. As our Mother is the Queen and teacher for us. The least that we did for our Mother by involving in prayer; the more we need to do in future to experience her protection, love and affection from her throne through Jesus her Son.