October, the month of missions

Editorial - October 2017 - Nº 424

Theme of the year 2017-2018:
The joy of salvation

The feast of Saint Teresa of Child Jesus and of the Holy Face, patron saint of missions, takes place during the first week of the month of October which is the Missionary Week. On 7th October , we celebrate Our Lady of the Rosary. The month of October therefore has a special meaning for the Rosary Teams of the Rosary, which is a Movement of Evangelization under the guidance of Mary.

Every man needs Christ because he is the "light of the world" (John 8:12) and because every man can go to the Father only through Him, who is “the only Way, the Truth and the Life" (John 14: 6).

"And all the faithful have the right and the duty to do his best so that the divine message of salvation reaches even more men at all time and throughout the whole universe" (canon 211).

As we know, the Teams of the Rosary were placed under the patronage of little Teresa in 1955 by Father Joseph Eyquem. In 2005, fifty years later, in Lisieux, the French National Council placed our Movement in its international dimension to the intercession of Saint Teresa.

So we understand clearly that the members of the Rosary Teams have the imperative task of bringing Christ to the world!

A Rosary Team is very appropriate to help many people to listen to the Word of God, and to get a true knowledge of Christ, while being supported by the Virgin Mary. This is done in all friendship and conviviality.

So let's keep our teams alive and be careful not to endanger the Movement in our country. Let's go to the outskirts to invite new members into our teams so that they too can live the joy of salvation!

Chantal Courtin
International Coordinator

Editorial - November 2017 - Nº425

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