The Promoter of the Rosary in Pakistan

Priory of Our Lady of the Rosary - Faisalabad

Just after the stay in Myanmar, in early March 2016, the General Promoter of the Rosary’s trip to Pakistan promised to be a wonderful adventure. It had proved difficult to obtain the visa… but there where difficulties abounded, grace was in abundance!

Visits had been organised with religious and lay brothers and sisters of the Order at each stage of a long journey of around 3,000 kilometres. Bro. Marcus Daniel, Provincial Promoter of the Rosary, was his faithful companion and ensured a good part of the translating. Indeed, although most of our interlocutors spoke and understood English, many did not master Urdu.

Five stops had been planned along our route beginning with the Lahore priory which welcomes student brothers. Only one regret - we could not see our Karachi nuns…but something had to be left for the next visit!

Then it was the turn of the Priory of Our Lady of the Rosary at Faisalabad where the novice brothers of the Province stay. A meeting had been organised with the novices, the Dominican sisters of Saint Catherine of Sienna and lay Dominicans.

The third stage was the House of the Word of the Lord at Multan. Here we met with the various postulants of the Province together with several laity groups, not forgetting the sisters.

We then stopped off at the Priory of Saint Dominic at Bahawalpur. The convent church, attacked by Islamists on 26 October 2001, is at the centre of a complex which houses the brothers’ priory, that of the sisters of the Rosary, and a large school. On the evening of our arrival a meeting took place with parishioners in a Christian quarter, in the church of the Good Shepherd. An absolutely unforgettable moment!

Lastly, we stopped at Sahiwal, in the parish of the Sacred Heart, for a final meeting with brothers, sisters, and laity… before returning to Lahore.

Pakistan lived up to its promise: a unique journey, enriching encounters, intense emotions… which nourish prayer and really make you want to return!

In front of the church of the Good Shepherd in Bahawalpur