The Rosary in the Land of the Cedars

The city of Beirut from the General House of the Sisters of the Rosary


Fifth stage of the General Promoter of the Rosary’s Asian trip: Lebanon. The reputation for hospitality of the inhabitants of this small country is well known, and richly deserved! It was a real pleasure to return to the land of the Cedars, welcomed by the Sisters of the Rosary who had already received me so well in the United Arab Emirates. There has been no community of Dominican brothers in this country for many years.

At the beginning of my Beirut stay, the provincial, Sister Sylvestre, had asked what my programme was for this brief Lebanon stopover, from 1 October to 4 November. My reply was as follows: “I’ve come to see the sisters and I’d like to meet them.” And my wish was fulfilled beyond my expectations. Rather than organise a single meeting in a given place, we preferred to visit the sisters. So thanks to the diligence of Sister Ludgar, we went to almost all the houses of the congregation, sometimes far removed from the capital.

In Lebanon, the Sisters of the Rosary are divided into eleven communities quite spread out. They are mainly in charge of centres or colleges. We were wonderfully welcomed everywhere. These meetings allowed us quite simply to go and see the sisters in their daily routine. The Rosary was the excuse for a joyful exchange about this devotion so dear to Lebanese Christians.

There was also a wealth of celebrations during the Lebanon stay: All Saints, of course, then All Souls, which provided the occasion to meet Beirut’s other Latin rite communities.

Obviously a filial “getaway” was planned to Harissa, to the sanctuary of Our Lady of Lebanon. Her statue, which dominates the city, is a reminder of the Virgin Mary’s solicitude for all who have recourse to her.

With the Sisters of the Rosary

Fr. Louis-Marie ARIÑO-DURAND, OP
General Promoter of the Rosary