The Rosary… A prayer for Lent

Here we are in Lent, those few weeks which separate us from the great celebration of the Resurrection of the Lord. This time when we are invited to reconnect with fasting, prayer and alms giving. Forty days of being watchful when the Lord wants to find us attentive.

And He invites us to follow him into the desert !

Into the desert, we will not go emptyhanded. We will take our rosary beads. It is a prayer which suits well, both the desert and Lent !

Some could say that the Rosary suits Lent because it is a penitential prayer. Well, not at all ! The prayer of the Rosary which so pleases Our Lady is rather a pleasure, a joy… a prayer which we live more than say !

So, why does it suits Lent and the desert so well ?

The desert is a dry place ! And it often is the case in our spiritual life. So, when all is dry, it is easier to take up the words of the Rosary, those words which are given to us when we no longer have words, words of an angel, words of a woman, words of God !

The desert is a silent place. It is not always the case in our soul, prisoner of our world where there is so much noise, so many parasites which hinder our communication with God. The Rosary allow silence and contemplation to be established.

The desert is a place of meeting with God. How better to meet him than in the Scripture that he himself gave us ! With the meditations of the Rosary, in link with the sacred Texts, we can go to the desert, and there he will speak to our hearts.

To all, Holy Lent… with the Rosary !

Fr. Louis-Marie ARIÑO-DURAND, o.p.

General Promoter of the Rosary