Kurisumala Ashram - Vagamon - India
31 January 2007

The cards for the General Promotion of the Rosary have been distributed by tens of thousands. On the front they show a photograph taken by Brother Louis-Marie Ariño-Durand, OP, and can be used as a simple and evocative sermon. Be they large or small, they are all the same overleaf: you will find the site’s slogan in the three official languages of the Dominican Order, “Pray, preach, live… the Rosary!”

Within the framework of the Promotion of the Rosary, this card may come as a surprise!

In fact, it was taken in a Cistercian monastery in southern India. A meal was shared just after Mass, and the women were waiting to be served. Their saris created this splendid harmony.

This photograph does not show the women’s faces, a simple question of discretion. But it is nevertheless an ode to femininity. In India, the women array themselves with beautiful materials, and wear them with a rare elegance.

How can we not see here homage to Our Lady’s femininity?

In addition, the colours, often bright, are different. On this card, no woman is dressed the same. Certainly, each colour is unique, but together they are in shimmering harmony.

It is the same for each of us. We differ from each other, but together, within the Church, we form a harmonious whole. There is no doubt that our prayer has a particular “colour”. It unites with that of others and, while retaining its uniqueness, enters into an immense panoramic fresco, that of the communion of saints.

This is also what happens with the mysteries which make up our Rosary. Each mystery has its own character which differentiates it from the others, certainly, but which at the same time puts it into relationship with the entire history of Salvation. Just as the different colours of an artist’s palette will produce the final canvas, the different mysteries paint God’s project for humankind.

Such beautiful colours, so different… and so unified.
Like our lives.
Live the Rosary!

Fr. Louis-Marie ARIÑO-DURAND, OP

General Promoter of the Rosary