Our Lady of the Camps

From 6 to 10 November 2015 the General Promoter of the Rosary went to Iraqi Kurdistan. It was of course the occasion to open the Jubilee of the 800 years of the foundation of the Order of Preachers, but also the possibility to visit our Christian brothers sorely tested by the recent political events in Iraq and the Near East.


Stopover in Istanbul

Between the stays in Lebanon and Iraq, the General Promoter of the Rosary planned a brief 48 hour halt in Istanbul in Turkey.

This choice was motivated by several reasons.
Firstly, the practical aspect of things: it was actually much easier – and cheaper! – to get to Iraqi Kurdistan from Turkey.
Then there was the need to take a breather, at the end of a beautiful and long expedition… and where better than in a marvellous city!



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