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Rosary apostolate in Romania

It is very rare that Slovak Dominicans working in Rosary apostolate leave borders of their country. And like it is said, there is no rule without exception, so it was in our case. Three of the brothers, members of community in Košice, namely fr. Melichar, fr. Alan and fr. Jozef spent last october days (28-31.10) in Oneşti (Romania) relatively close to Moldovan borders. In Oneşti, small town with population about 40 000, is situated the largest Romanian Convent of Capuchins friars with Church dedicated to blessed Jeremiah of Walachia, but still not yet completed.


Last stage: Iraq!

The General Promoter of the Rosary’s long expedition in October and November 2015 reaches its end: here is the final stage, Erbil, in northern Iraq.

This expanding Iraqi Kurdistan town welcomes numerous Christian refugees. The Rosary has come to meet our Dominican brothers and sisters here who have lost everything.



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