Carrying Jesus in haste

„Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb.”

Who is blessed? And who is blessed by whom? Mary by Jesus? Or are both Mary and Jesus blessed?

One might say: What a foolish question! Of course, both of them are blessed, Mary and Jesus, Mary is blessed by the presence of Jesus in her womb.

But this raises an interesting question: John the Baptist leapt in the womb of Elizabeth. Why? He leapt because of whom? Because of Mary or because of Jesus?

When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the infant leapt in her womb. Elizabeth calls Mary “the mother of my Lord.” Of course, it’s the Lord who is at the center of this mysterious meeting. Jesus is the cause of the joy – the joy of Mary, of John the Baptist, of Elizabeth.

But it was Mary who set out, traveling to the hill country in haste. It was Mary who entered the house of Zechariah. It was she who carried the Lord in her womb. Mary bore Jesus within her, and Jesus worked this wonder, that John the Baptist leapt in the womb of his mother.

Had Jesus not been present, Mary could not have worked a miracle. And if Mary hadn’t brought her son to Elizabeth, Elisabeth wouldn’t have met the Lord and her infant wouldn’t have leapt.

What about us, my brothers and sisters? We cannot bear Jesus within us, in our flesh, in the same way Mary did. That was a privilege reserved especially to her. But we can carry him in our heart, and I hope that all of us do! How will the Lord speak to our neighbors – how will he touch those who do not know him, if we don’t carry him, in haste, as Mary did?

“Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled.” We are waiting now, waiting for the Lord’s arrival. That arrival, on Christmas, will mark a new beginning for us as his disciples, we who are called to be faithful. May we be made like Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit; may we imitate Mary, who believed, and thus carried Christ within her.

And may the Lord grant us the grace to hasten, ever faithful, towards the perfect fulfillment he promises: to see Him face to face, and to remain with him forever.