"They lead Jesus to the place called Golgotha... And they crucify Him" Mk 15: 22-24

Editorial - April 2017 - Nº 419

Theme of the year 2016-2017:
"Blessed are the merciful" (Mt 5:7)

Jesus dies because he loves us too much. He was killed by sinners, but he dies to obtain their happiness. He dies in a cry of love: It is God saying yes to God. At this hour, Mary is standing there, very close to her son, and all loving. Mary is totally submissive to this infinite love. Will we be able to say yes just as Mary to this unconditional love of God?

A new international tandem has just been named: Chantal Courtin has taken over from Thérèse Turlan-Delannoy and Brother Louis-Marie Ariño-Durand succeeds Brother Gilles Danroc. Therese and Brother Gilles brought their contribution tothe beautiful building that compose the Rosary Teams. We thank them very much for all the work done together.

Chantal was National Coordinator for France, then head of the Rosary Teams of the Diocese of Belley-Ars. Brother Louis-Marie ends his position as General Promoter of the Rosary for the Order of the Friars Preachers. He has held that position for 10 years. He has also been chaplain to the Rosary Teams of Toulouse region and is still a chaplain for the region of Corsica. Together, we are enthusiastic about this beautiful prospect of being able to further develop the Movement throughout the world. Needless to say that we rely on your help and prayer!

Month after month, through our monthly prayers, we are able discover the tremendous mercy of the Father. May the Lord, through the hands of Mary, give each of us the grace of mission so that through the Rosary Teams we work together for the coming of the Kingdom of God.

Chantal Courtin
International Coordinator

Editorial - May 2017 - N° 420

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